How to stay motivated everyday – 7 steps

19 Feb
February 19, 2013

Hi There,

In this post I want to help you stay motivated everyday, to achieve anything you want.
This will be few steps lesson practiced by me and lots of people who are try to change.
So stay focus, read and watch all steps and do it everyday.

1. Ask yourself why you are doing this, why you fighting so hard to reach your target.
Once you knows what motivates you, you can use it to achieve you goal.

How to stay motivated

2. Visualize how you gonna feel at the time you will reach your goal, Find the physique
you’re after – whether it’s your favorite athlete, actor, or just a friend – and use it
to push yourself. Anyone with your ideal physique can motivate you to work harder


3. Surround with positive people who will help you. Don’t listen to people who say

you can’t do this often jealous, or have failed on their own quest. You can even try

to find some one who is trying to achieve similar goal. That’s will be really helpful
for both of you.

Work hard and don't give up

4. Watch or listen motivational videos, posters speeches everyday morning. I like to
listen Eric Thomas while I am eating my breakfast.

I even had set that on my alarm.

5. Write down your progress. This helps you look back over time. Try to surpass
your last week’s numbers.

Quotes about obstacles

6. Treat each day as chance to you reach your goals. Everyday count, don’t get lazy.

Push yourself harder, beat down the tiredness and move one step by step.

7. Repeat this each day.

I hope this steps explains How to stay motivated everyday.

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