Food to help u lose weight

11 Feb
February 11, 2013

food to help u lose weight

I would like to show you list of  “food to help u lose weight”

1. Eggs

Eggs, which are full of protein, will help you feel fuller longer-a lot longer.

2. Beans

Beans keep blood sugar on an even keel, so you can stave off hunger longer

3. Green Tea

Green tea extract increases the burning of calories and fat

4. Pears

One 148 g pear contains 98 calories and provides 5 g of fiber, which is 20 percent of the daily suggested intake.

5. Lean beef

The amino acid leucine, which is abundant in proteins like meat and fish as well as in dairy products, can help you pare down while maintaining calorie-burning muscle.

6. Olive oil

Olive oil has healthy fat that increases satiety, taming your appetite.

7. Grapefruit

The fruit’s phytochemicals reduce insulin levels, a process that may force your body to convert calories into energy rather than flab.

8. Nuts

A study from Purdue University found that when a group of 15 normal-weight people added about 500 calories worth of peanuts to their regular diet, they consumed less at subsequent meals. The participants also revved up their resting metabolism by 11 percent, which means they burned more calories even when relaxing.

9. High-fiber cereal

Center and the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis tested the theory against the ultimate diet challenge: the buffet table. They gave 14 volunteers one of five cereals before sending them out to the smorgasbord. Those who’d had the highest-fiber cereal ate less than those who didn’t have as much fiber in the morning.

10. Almond butter

Adding this spread may lower bread’s glycemic index


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