Benefits of doing squats

16 Jul
July 16, 2012

squats are important

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benefits of doing squats


Squats are not only an effective exercise for the butt, but also stimulate muscle action in most of the major muscle groups throughout the body. Depending on your body composition, squats can either make your butt bigger or smaller. If you do not have excess body fat stored in the butt, hip and upper thigh area, squats will make your butt appear more round and shapely. On the other hand, if you do have excess body fat stored in the butt, hip and upper thigh area that is covering up the muscle, squats could aid in making your butt smaller in size.


Squats are one of the most effective exercises to strengthen and condition the overall body. All major muscles groups are stimulated when the exercise is performed. Because so many of our large muscle groups are being worked, the squat is an effective exercise for burning calories and building muscle. It will improve the shape and appearance of your butt, hip and thigh area, while increasing strength and flexibility in your lower back and strengthening your heart and lungs.

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